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MTPE: the debate on raising the minimum wage begins in January

The Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion, Betssy Chavez, reported that the debate on a possible increase in the minimum living wage (RMV) will begin at the next session of the National Labor Council (CNT), scheduled for January.

In dialogue with RPP, the head of the MTPE stated that the agenda was raised during the reinstatement of this group, which occurred on November 13.

“One of the issues that we address in the CNT is that the discussion of the increase of the RMV will be in that space, and the discussion is scheduled for the month of January,” he said.

Chávez guaranteed that this measure, if successful, will not be due to the political situation, but to technical criteria – such as the already existing formula in Peru to calculate the RMV – presented to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

“It will not respond to a political emotion, but to strictly technical criteria. And we have also discussed that with Minister Pedro Francke, “said the minister.

In this regard, Chávez Chino also specified that, in May 2022, the preliminary draft of the Work code.

“In November we issued a ministerial resolution to initiate the preliminary draft of the Labor Code that we are going to present in May. Social dialogue will be important, gathering the opinions of the unions and also the employers ”, he affirmed.

Agro-export boom: informality

On the other hand, the Minister of Labor assured that her administration has identified 1.2 million informal workers who work in the formal sphere, mostly in the agro-export sector.

“The first weeks of January we are going to propose a strategy. We are going to focus on 1.2 million workers who are under an already identified work scheme and are informal, but work in formal companies. Most are from the agro-export sector ”, he said.

In this sense, he explained that more than 90% of workers in the agro-export sector are informal, so the work of the Sunafil.

“We have to admit that it does not have a sufficient number of inspectors. We have to strengthen it, ”Chávez stressed.


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