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Chinchero Airport has progress of only 10%, they warn

Chinchero Airport has progress of only 10%, they warn

Cusco’s Chinchero International Airport is one of the most important airport projects in South America, according to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC); However, the work is not even more than 10% complete, when it should be at least 30% complete for completion next year. This has been warned by Werner Salcedo, regional governor of this region.

“That the government of South Korea (a country with which the Peruvian State signed an agreement for construction) has made progress at the levels it has today, not exceeding 10%, is worrying and we have made it known at all levels. policies, and the provincial and interregional authorities are already joining in to make a demand and that the TCM do your job,” he said.

The regional governor said that this problem has been reported even since Paola Lazarte’s administration, but today the works are practically paralyzed.

Furthermore, the accelerated execution schedule for the work should have been delivered this month, but it has not been finalized. They hope to meet with the current head of the MTC, Raul Perez-Reyesnext week to address this topic.

In the event of a possible paralysis of the project, Salcedo emphasizes that “there is nothing in negotiation” and the sanctions will have to be met because “respect for Cusco is fundamental.” They even want the president of South Korea, Yoon Suk-Yeol, to go to the imperial region to “give answers about the airport” within the framework of APEC. Salcedo added that he considers that there are “interests that do not want Cusco to develop.”

It should be noted that, in November of last year, Minister Pérez Reyes went to supervise the works and assured that they would be completed within the planned period of 2025. “We are on time”, he emphasized.

The entity has ratified the date again on January 19 and reported that meetings have been held with public and private entities associated with the project, “in order to unblock the delays that occurred in the schedule due to the rainy season in the region”.


  • On agenda. The Transportation Commission of Congress agreed to hold an extraordinary session to address this problem, with the presence of the minister.
  • For 2024. An investment of S/512 million of the S/2.8 billion required by the entire project has been planned.

Source: Larepublica

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