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Mypes without credit history access Impulso Myperú

Mypes without credit history access Impulso Myperú

After the record allocation of S/800 million in Impulso MyPerú guarantees for micro and small businesses, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) launched auction 14 which will include medium and large companies.

In a meeting with mypes, MEF announced on January 10 that it would ease the requirements to access state-guaranteed loans. From now on, it will be promoted not only that lending entities can serve clients of their competition, but also that MSEs that were outside the traditional financial system can be considered for this purpose.

“The new improvements we made to Impulso MyPerú have allowed us to tune in to the needs of MSEs, which is why now micro and small businesses without a credit history have the opportunity to access credit guaranteed by the State, with low rates and easy access. payment,” said the minister of the sector, Alex Contreras, on his X (Twitter) account and added that they will continue to address the concerns of businessmen and work to optimize this program.

For new guaranteed loans to mypes without credit history, the operating regulations have already been adapted to DU 039-2023, with RM 419-2023-EF/15 published in El Peruano on December 15, 2023.

Oscar Orcón, director of the Financial System and Capital Markets of the MEF, explained to La República that the new stage of Impulso MyPerú, with which it is expected to place the S/10,000 million of the S/15,000 million of the program, is based on regulatory improvements that They establish that a financial inclusion approach for new clients must prevail in auctions.

“The operating regulations were adapted where section 10.3 is modified and there are two important groups of mypes: those with no history in the financial system and the mypes that in the entity that has been awarded the guarantees have not had loans in the last 12 months. “said the official.

With the expansions of Impulso MyPerú, materialized in decrees 023, 033 and 039, it is expected to reach 334,114 MSMEs, more than 300,000 of them MSMEs. “For us it is a total flow. In the regulations issued by the ministry, the auctions are of general scope for the entire economy, so we take the figures as a whole and everyone has the same opportunity,” he highlighted.

With auction 14, the highest allocation obtained from all the auctions carried out was achieved: S/1,000 million in guarantees. This result, added to the previous ones, makes a general total of S/6,300 million in guarantees assigned to entities of the financial system.

As of January 19, this program has allowed the disbursement of credits for S/2,425 million for the benefit of nearly 107,000 mype entrepreneurs throughout the country. 35% of these beneficiaries accessed credit to purchase fixed assets, 33% for working capital, while 32% used it to consolidate their debts, according to a Cofide report.

“In the last DU in December, medium and large companies were included in this new stage of S/10,000 million. With the aim of serving the most vulnerable sectors, the first auction was prioritized,” said Orcón.

What financial entities will grant these loans?

The MEF has indicated that there are 32 entities that will provide loans to mypes that have not accessed credit in the last 12 months or that do not have a credit history.

Among the banks are Alfin, BBVA, BCP, Interbank, Mibanco and Pichincha. While the municipal banks that will give these loans are Arequipa, Cusco, Del Santa, Huancayo, Ica, Maynas, Paita, Piura, Sullana, Tacna, Trujillo and Caja Metropolitana de Lima.

On the Savings and Credit Cooperatives side are Abaco, Kori, Los Andes Cotarusi and Pacífico. The rural savings banks also have an agreement with Cofide, these are from the Center, Incasur and Los Andes. Finally, there is an EDPYME, a credit company and five financial companies.

Source: Larepublica

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