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Chavimochic: governor willing to sign with Odebrecht to complete Palo Redondo

Given the lack of political decision that the Executive has had in recent years to restart the works of the Third Stage of Chavimochic, especially the Palo Redondo dam, the regional governor of La Libertad Manuel Llempén Coronel He is willing to sign with Odebrecht and take the political risk.

I am willing to sign the unlocking of Chavimochic if the Ministry of Agriculture gives us back the faculties, because I feel that there is fear and they are waiting for arbitration”The governor said on Exitosa radio.

There are 150,000 new jobs that will be created by incorporating into agricultural production 30,000 hectares of land that is prepared and ready to be cultivated, which for now cannot be used due to lack of water for irrigation and when being used will to generate a private investment of between US $ 500 to 1,000 million in private investments.

“The concessionaire company still has the contract for the completion of the dam. It is easy to resume the work, finish it and leave the concession. We are in the third president and the political decision to negotiate with the company is not made. My last decision is that I want to sign the resumption of the works if the Government hands me over, I assume all the responsibility that this work is free of any act of corruption that may exist”, Expressed the regional authority.

Following the actions and efforts of the authorities of the La Libertad region and the Chavimochic Special Project (PECH), the Ministry of Agrarian Development published Ministerial Resolution No. 0036 – 2021 – Midagri, through which it provides that the General Directorate of Agricultural Infrastructure and Irrigation Midagri assume the management and administration of the concession contract between the Regional Government of La Libertad and the company Concesionaria Chavimochic SAC, regarding the works of Stage III.


The representatives of the concessionaire company (Ex-Odebrecht, today OEC), which is still in charge of the works of the III Stage of the Chavimochic Special Project (Pech), have warned that if the ruling of the arbitration award, which is days before Getting to know each other, it turns out against them and it is decided to annul the contract, they would go to new arbitrations and that would mean delays for at least 5 more years.



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