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2024: recover GDP growth and raise the RMV

2024: recover GDP growth and raise the RMV

After a 2023 to be forgotten in economic matters, where a contraction of around 0.5% is expected. Business associations and union centers hope that a 180-degree turn will take place and in 2024 the recession can be overcome, business confidence will be revived and investment will expand.

To this end, they consider that one of the challenges that the Government For next year it will be to achieve sustained economic growth with private investment that allows the creation of more formal jobs. Besides, The State must redouble its efforts to reduce monetary poverty, which would have increased due to the fall in GDP in the ending year. While workers ask for improvements in the RMV and pensions to recover purchasing power.

3% growth and prioritize investment

Rosa Bueno, president of the Lima Chamber of Commerce

To regain trust, in 2024 we must stop institutional deterioration, work focused on the common good and put aside particular interests. We have to reactivate the economy while maintaining fiscal discipline. The Government must aim for GDP growth close to 3%, without depending on public spending and prioritizing private investment. It is urgent to finalize projects already advanced in the mining and electrical sectors. Updating and executing plans to improve competitiveness and productivity is also a priority. In this way we will lay the foundations for sustained growth of at least 5% that will allow poverty to be reduced.

The minimum wage must be raised in 2024

Gustavo Minaya, deputy general secretary of the CGTP

Throughout 2023 we have been demanding an increase in the minimum living wage and retiree pensions, amounts that are already insignificant. Let’s hope that in 2024 there will be a reflection in that sense, because cWith a salary of S/1,025 the State is sentencing the workers who receive these amounts that subsist on S/6.80 per day to cover food and family expenses, which is unviable. We insist that raising the RMV has an almost immediate priority, as does increasing pensions.

Labor Code must be approved

Julio César Bazán, president of the CUT Peru

A priority is the restoration of democracy and political stability of officials. We need an increase in salaries, for which there must be a boost in collective bargaining and the discussion of a minimum salary in line with the basic basket. At a regulatory level, we demand that the Government comply with the mission of the ILO, which establishes the need to adapt all labor laws to international conventions and the way to do so is by debating and approving the Labor Code, which must move it forward. the Ministry of Labor.

Ensure the sustainability of resources

Lorenzo Vásquez, general secretary of the Fishermen’s Union of Chimbote and Annexes

We need the Ministry of Production implement DU 015, remove the Imarpe officials and enter the institution through a public tender. There must also be a Ministry of Fisheries so that there is greater care and sustainability of fishing resources, and this important sector is not left aside.

DS 024-Produce 2016 must be repealed, with this rule you can kill juvenile fish in smaller sizes and there is no penalty, when there was before. For this reason, now companies order that we go out and destroy everything.

Greater efficiency in public investment

Jorge Zapata, president of the Peruvian Chamber of Construction

Anticipating a modest economic recovery, between 3% and 4% in sectoral GDP. The key is in government decisions, especially in social housing and public works, where the lack of clarity is worrying. It is essential that the Government takes measures to avoid the decline in home sales, improve efficiency in public investment and guarantee long-term sustainability. The need for a comprehensive reform in state management is highlighted, promoting private investments, combating corruption and informality, and ensuring the quality of infrastructure.

Decisions must be immediate

Eduardo Ferreyros, president of the National Fisheries Society

In a context of recession like the current one, it is important that all the drivers of economic activity, such as fishing, stay on. For this to happen, our authorities must be attentive and prepared to make decisions in a timely manner.

Such is the case of the opening of the anchovy fishing seasons. The only variable that the Government cannot change are the negative effects of the climate, but it is changing, and there is hardly any evidence that the conditions are favorable, scientifically proven, decisions to authorize fishing must be immediate.

Promote non-traditional exports

Julio Pérez Alván, president of the Exporters Association

Unfortunately, We are closing the year with a decrease of 1.3%. In 2024, an increase in exports is projected, but only by 1.9%, which is meager compared to the last 22 years, when it grew on average 11%.

We need closer work between the Government, Congress, the private sector and academia. Non-traditional exports are those that create more formal jobs and provide relief to the population. We would like support for mypes by reducing the deduction, collection and retention system to provide liquidity to these businesses. In the agricultural exporter, the tax should be left at 15% to give relief to the agricultural sector that is hit.

A reform heard by retirees

Oscar Alarcón, president of the National Center of Retirees and Pensioners of Peru

By 2024 we expect the general increase in pensionsnot only for one sector, so that at least the minimum pension is equivalent to the minimum remuneration.

The increase in the pension is tied to the pension reform proposed by the Executive, however, this has not been debated in Plenary. We question it because they have left the real actors, workers and pensioners, on the sidelines of the debate. We will insist that a new institutional framework be generated with the Peruvian Pension Institutewhose sustainability is supported by the contribution of workers and the contribution of employers and also the State is added, as proposed by the ILO.

Source: Larepublica

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