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The Republic won the Ramón Remolina Serrano journalistic award

The Republic won the Ramón Remolina Serrano journalistic award

The Republic won first place in the 19th annual Ramón Remolina Serrano journalism award held by the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) with the report “Port Hub, the key to reactivating the GDP of the Pacific Alliance”, signed by the editor of Economy, Carlos Bessombes Burgos.

On this occasion, a text was prepared that addressed the importance of the Chancay megaport and its connections to catapult the Peruvian market and our regional allies (Chile, Colombia and Mexico), considering that our country recently assumed the pro tempore presidency of the Pacific alliancewhich represents “a key opportunity to strengthen ties and enhance sectors such as health and education” to close gaps.

The journalistic material included the participation of Ministers of State linked to Economy, Foreign Trade and Transport and Communications, as well as representatives of the Pacific Alliance, academics and former officials of the portfolios in question.

It is an award for perseverance for the work we do daily in the Economy section, where not only informative, but also analytical criteria prevail to impress upon the reader the importance of strategic links such as the Pacific Alliance,” said Bessombes.

For her part, Rosa Bueno, president of the CCLpointed out that this contest seeks to showcase the economic challenges and opportunities to boost employment, exports and attract private investment.

Completing the podium were Claudia Inga and Fiorella Gil, from the newspaper El Comercio, and Miguel de la Vega, from the newspaper El Peruano-Agencia Andina.


The business community too awarded a posthumous recognition to the career of Inés Flores Merino, our Head of Information for the La República platforms, who recently died and whose legacy persists in the classrooms where she shared her knowledge and in the pages of this newspaper. The distinction was received by her brother Dan Flores, central editor of Perú21.


Record. In 2017, Economía LR also ranked first, and in subsequent years, it always ranked among the top three.

Criterion. The CCL called on those present to choose a new theme for the Ramón Remolina Serrano 2024 edition.

Source: Larepublica

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