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Can the payment be canceled for a Yape sent by mistake to the wrong number?

Can the payment be canceled for a Yape sent by mistake to the wrong number?

It is very common to make a payment via Yape to a specific person by mistake; These cases happen every day. If you want to reverse this problem, in this note we show you the actions you can take.

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Yape was created in 2016 by the Banco de Crédito del Perú. Since that moment, it is, by far, the most popular and used mobile phone payment application in the country because it is a practical alternative to the traditional way of payment. Since 2019, it can be used as a digital wallet independent of the BCP. For this you just have to link the app with your ID. With so many transactions that are made every day through this medium, at some point you can transferby mistake, to some number you didn’t want.

If you disbursed money through Yape to someone you shouldn’t have, in this note we show you what actions you can take, including the response from the application’s official website. In addition, we detail how to create an account in the digital wallet.

If I made the wrong contact or amount when making the Yape, can it be cancelled?

According to the official website of Yape, payments made through your application are immediately transferred to the recipient. For this reason, it is not possible to cancel the transaction. The platform recommends contacting the recipient of the money to request a refund.

The recipient does not want to return the amount sent by Yape: what can I do?

In the event that the recipient does not return the money transferred by mistake via Yape, it is possible to file a complaint at the police station. Go to the nearest one so they can collect your discharges.

How to create an account on Yape?

You can create an account Yape through the BCP, with your ID or with other financial entities. The procedure for all of them is similar and we explain it to you below:

  • Download Yape on your mobile phone and select the option ‘create Account’
  • Enter your cell phone number and then the verification code that you will receive
  • Enter your ID and enter your preferred email address
  • Generate a password with 6 digits, which you will always use to log in
  • Select if you want to create the account only with your ID, BCP debit card or another card from another bank or savings bank
  • Verify your identity, answer the questions that Yape will give you, select ‘Continue’ and that’s it.
  All Yape accounts must have a 6-digit password.  Photo: Yape/Facebook

All Yape accounts must have a 6-digit password. Photo: Yape/Facebook


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