All employers must pay the thirteenth salary by December 24also known as the Christmas bonus, an item that represents additional income for workers in December.

This amount corresponds to one twelfth of the salary received by the employee. between December 1 last year and November 30 this year.

Exceptions to the legal percentage of profit are the monthly reserve payment, travel expenses or occasional subsidies, thirteenth and fourteenth allowance, economic allowance for living minimum and others.

The purpose of the bonus, which was introduced in 1962 under the mandate of Carlos Julio Arosemena, is to ease the workload of workers during the Christmas season.

Even if he did not work for a whole year, the employee is entitled to a proportional compensation for the time he spent in the company. Since 2015, the possibility of paying the thirteenth salary in parts or monthly has been allowed, depending on the agreement between the worker and the employer.

How is the thirteenth salary calculated?

If the worker receives only the single basic wage (SBU), monthly, without any other benefits, he must add his last 12 wages in December ($425 from December 2022 and $450 from January to November 2023); The sum will give you $5,375. You will have to divide that number by 12. What you will get as your thirteenth paycheck will be $447.92.

The Ministry of Labor holds calculator on your portal so that workers could calculate the value of the receipts, entering the value of the receipts received since December 1 of the previous year.