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Increase in the minimum wage will be discussed in early 2022, says Minister Chávez

The head of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE), Betssy Chavez, announced that his office will discuss a possible increase in the minimum wage during the first quarter of next year.

In a dialogue with Sunday’s Panorama, the public official stated that the debate on an increase in the minimum vital remuneration (RMV) will be carried out with strict respect for technical mechanisms.

“It is an issue that we will see at the beginning of 2022, of course we will, and we will strictly obey technical mechanisms and not violent political emotions,” Chávez indicated at first.

Along the same lines, the minister reported that she has maintained communication with the Minister of Economy, Pedro Francke, to whom he has indicated “that the space to discuss in a technical way the increase in MRV is the National Council of Labor and Employment Promotion (CNTPE) ”, Which was reactivated on November 13th.

“We believe that this is the ideal way, then the political-legal labor agenda of the country will be discussed (in the CNT) and we will also have the MEF technicians,” said the person in charge of the MTPE.

However, Minister Chávez was unable to provide a proposal regarding the amount to which the minimum wage, since it will have to be discussed with the workers and companies, who also make up the CNT.

“We are not going to indicate the proposal in this space (Panorama) because we are going to discuss this issue in the CNT, since all those who make it up are the country’s trade union centrals and the main employers. So, if I launch a figure right now, it would look bad with them, because it is a commitment that the proposals are born in this democratic space, ”Chávez concluded.

A few days ago, Minister Francke considered it necessary to raise the minimum wage for the next year because the recovery of the Peruvian economy is expected to increase in the following months.

“I think there should be an increase (in 2022). We are still fine-tuning the calculations to see what the amount would be and we have to discuss it within the Government, “the head of the MEF told Latina.

The RMV last rose in 2018, on the last day of the administration of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who signed the supreme decree to increase the salary by S / 80, before resigning the presidency of Peru, and which was made official on March 22 of that year.


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