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Petroperú reduces fuel prices between S / 0.65 and S / 0.89 from today

Petroleos del Peru – Petroperú SA announced a new and significant reduction in the list prices of diesel and industrial diesel in its sales plants, whose prices will range between S / 0.65 and S / 0.89 soles per gallon from today. Fall is stronger than that reported by Osinergmin a few days ago.

This, due to the recent retraction of the international fuel market after the fear of a possible new confinement, driven by omicron, and the release of crude reserves in the United States, which occurred last week.

It should be noted that these prices correspond to wholesale distribution at the plant. In this way, it would be expected that final consumer prices will translate to a similar magnitude throughout the chain.

“As of this Friday, December 10, Petroperú will carry out a new reduction in the list prices of the fuels that it sells in its sales plants nationwide, given the decrease in international prices and the optimizations that the state-owned company has been making in hydrocarbon acquisitions and cost management, “said the state oil company through a statement.

For example, him Gasohol 97 will go from cost S / 16.73 to S / 15.84, a reduction of S / 0.89 per gallon, while the Gasohol 95 it will go from S / 16.58 to S / 15.71, a reduction of S / 0.87 per gallon.

Meanwhile, the Gasohol 90 will go from cost S / 16.23 to S / 15.43, a reduction of S / 0.80 per gallon, while the Gasohol 84 it will drop from S / 15.83 to S / 15.13, a reduction of S / 0.70 per gallon.

Finally, the Diesel B5 S-50 it will go from cost S / 15.40 to S / 14.75, a total reduction of S / 0.65 in its price per gallon. All these reductions taking as a reference the Callao de Petroperú Plant. New prices with taxes do not include FISE.

List prices at the other sales plants of the state oil company will have the same variation. Regarding diesel for vehicular use, the current list price remains, since it is included in the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPC).

“Petroperú reaffirms its commitment to maintain competitive prices and be transparent in determining the prices of fuels that it sells at the national level in strict compliance with Peruvian legislation. Likewise, it expects that the reported reductions will be transferred by the Petrored Service Stations to the end customer, ”said the state company.


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