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They are waiting for proposals to start works in Palo Redondo

They are waiting for proposals to start works in Palo Redondo

Starting yesterday, Tuesday, October 3 and November 14, is the deadline established for the Netherlands and Canada to present their binding technical proposals for the completion of the Palo Redondo dam and the execution of complementary Chavimochic works in phase I of the III Stage Chavimochic.

“Once their binding technical proposals have been presented, they will be evaluated and subsequently, from December 20 to January 2, 2024, discussions and negotiations will be carried out with the winning country. It is established that on February 26, the Contract that will allow the completion of the dam will be signed. Round Stick, construction of the Third Line of the Virú Siphon, Reduce the Vulnerability of the Works of Stage I and II Chavimochic against extreme hydrological events, and put the works to completion. We must keep in mind that this contract will be by Government to Government,” said Jhon Cabrera Carlos.

As recalled on June 13, 14 countries were invited to participate in the International Award Process of the Chavimochic III Stage Special Project, of which they presented Japan, Hungary, the Netherlands and Canada, the latter two are the ones that have shown a clear interest in participating in the entire ongoing process. In fact, both countries have already presented their technical proposals non-binding and carried out the technical visit to the dam.

Jhon Cabrera announced that with the completion of the Palo Redondo dam, 30,000 hectares will be enabled for the irrigation system, S/2,231 million soles of family income will be generated, US$1,500 million in annual currencies additional, and US$1 billion in additional private investments.

Palo Redondo will create 5,000 jobs job immediate direct and indirect.

Source: Larepublica

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