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Lemon is sold for less than S/9 per kilogram in the wholesale market

Lemon is sold for less than S/9 per kilogram in the wholesale market

He Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) reported, this Tuesday, October 3, 2023, that he lemon price subtle continues its downward trend and is offered at less than S/9 soles per kilogram in the wholesale market and its stocks are at 80%. This confirms a gradual normalization of the citrus supply in the main supply centers of Lima.

For example, this morning, at the GMML, the subtle lemon in a bag was offered at S/8.78 per kilo and the subtle lemon in a box at S/8.91 per kilo.

Regarding the total supply of vegetables and fruits to the main wholesale supply markets, the entry of a total of 9,296 tons was reported, adding the reports collected from the GMML and the Fruit Market No. 2 of La Victoria.

According to the Price and Supply System (SISAP), in the case of the GMML, the entry of 6,803 tons of products including legumes, vegetables and tubers was recorded, a figure higher by 0.5% compared to the last four Tuesdays. Likewise, 2,288 tons of potatoes of various varieties were registered, a volume higher by 7.4% compared to the last four Tuesdays.

The main wholesale offers this morning were yellow sweet potato at S/0.53 soles per kilogram; yungay potato at S/0.78 kilogram; purple sweet potato at S/0.98 per kilogram; yellow cassava at S/1.03 kilogram; Andean black potato at S/1.18 kilogram; mountain green bean at S/1.28 kilogram; Creole carrot at S/1.40 kilogram; and red head onion at S/1.68 kilogram, among others.

Meanwhile, in the Fruit Market No. 2 of La Victoria, the entry of 2,493 tons of different fruits was recorded. Today’s main offers are the Valencia orange at S/0.94 soles per kilogram; banana cake at S/1.04 kilogram; watermelon at S/1.13 kilogram; coquito melon at S/1.27 kilogram; Creole pineapple at S/1.31 kilogram; and papaya at S/1.50 kilogram, among others.

Likewise, the downward trend in the wholesale price of live chicken continues, which today was sold at S/4.12 per kilogram in the main distribution centers for live birds in the capital, while the wholesale price of eggs It is quoted at less than S/8.50 per kilogram.

Source: Larepublica

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