To apply for a mortgage loan, the house you want to buy must be built, but the new real estate management model will allow the buyer access to the loan from the beginning of the construction of the housing project.

This initiative, called Construyamos Juntos, arose from the synergy between the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, Banco Pichincha, Constructores Positivos and legal and trust consultants, and became official after the signing of a ministerial agreement within the framework of the Regional Urban Project Financing Forum and of Housing held from September 27 to 29 in Quito.

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The benefits of this real estate management model are both for the end buyer of the house and for the builders.

By signing the ministerial agreement, Banco Pichincha together with Constructores Positivos will start a pilot plan with the vision of having the necessary tools for its commercial implementation starting in 2024. Banco Pichincha is committed to increasing the supply and purchase of apartments in Ecuador.

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The product manager of the financial entity, Andrés Burbano de Lara, indicated that, “together with Construyamos Juntos, Banco Pichincha confirms its commitment to contribute to the sustainable and dynamic growth of the real estate sector, generator of important sources of employment and activator of the economy”.

While the Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Gabriela Aguilera, indicated that the synergy between a private company and a public entity “is the only way we can advance in strengthening initiatives that provide access to adequate housing.”

Banco Pichincha reported that currently five out of every ten public and community homes are financed through them.