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Second agrarian reform: the restitution of the price band is coordinated with the MEF

The Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Víctor Maita, announced that the restitution of the price band is coordinated to protect the national agricultural producer together with the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

“We are looking at the issue of the price band to protect the national producer and we are working and coordinating (this issue) with the MEF. There are other countries that subsidize their farmers and we must compete with them. For this reason, we are going for the restitution of the price band to protect the national agricultural producer, ”said the minister.

Regarding the demand of fertilizer producers at affordable prices, the minister indicated that incorporating this input into the Fuel Stabilization Fund is being evaluated, which would require S / 300 million.


These resources would go directly to the almost 400 distribution houses of this input to prevent the participation of intermediaries, who increase prices.

“We are going to change the modality of care to directly benefit small farmers in the countryside with fertilizers at affordable prices, and thus contribute to ensuring food production in the 2021-2022 agricultural season,” he said.

Strengthen producers

The minister indicated that 97% of small producers represent the more than 2.2 million agricultural units at the national level, for which he stressed that the Government included the second agrarian reform within the Government policy 2021-2026.

Likewise, the minister highlighted that will guarantee water security through the sowing and harvesting of water, the construction of dams, dams, technified irrigation systems, micro reservoirs and other actions to promote the activities of producers.

He also indicated that the establishment of producer markets in each province and region of the country to promote the commercialization of their products, increase the income of peasant families and reduce prices.


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