The Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (AEI) proposes at least five points that the new Government, regardless of who wins, should implement to promote entrepreneurship in Ecuador.

For AEI, Ecuador needs to consolidate, in the coming years, a critical mass of new companies that create jobs, export, bring in foreign currency and, in the process, invite investment.

“Why worry about entrepreneurship when the country has so many fires to put out? Because without new companies there will be no work; the economy stagnates; cities will not grow; and the lack of opportunities encourages violence and insecurity. Therefore, promoting entrepreneurship is not secondary: it is a priority. We believe that the new Government understands it that way”, emphasizes Andrés Zurita, CEO of AEI.

In this sense, AEI promotes that the new government undertakes several short- and medium-term measures.

In the first case, there are immediate measures that can be convincing:

Medium term:

There is another issue that AEI considers important and urgent:

For AEI, the new government must fix what is missing and, above all, invest in the ecosystem. The private sector is not think tank to think about financing options for large public equipment, it could rather be a partner ideal for identifying markets and business opportunities and co-investing, but in more mature stages of entrepreneurship, not at the beginning, he emphasized.

The Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Ecuador consists of a network of public, private and academic actors that strive to promote entrepreneurship and innovation as the basis of productive development in Ecuador, with accompanying processes and work schemes that generate innovation, development and entrepreneurship for those that can be directly or indirectly associated with these initiatives. It started in 2013 and since then shows that it has supported more than 15,000 entrepreneurs, generating more than 3,325 jobs and $96 million in sales.