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The price of lemon is falling, according to Midagri: what is its cost in the Lima Wholesale market?

The price of lemon is falling, according to Midagri: what is its cost in the Lima Wholesale market?

All Peruvian families have seen their budgets affected by the large increase in the price of lemons in recent months due to Cyclone Yaku, which has affected crops, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri). However, in recent weeks its cost has been stabilizing and is now below S/10. We detail the price per kilogram at the Great Wholesale Market of Lima (GMML).

How much does lemon cost in Peru TODAY?

The price of lemon has shown a decrease compared to last week. Today, September 21, according to the Sisap del Midagri platform, the price of this citrus is S/9.761 per kg in a bag and S/9.78 per kg in a box at the Great Wholesale Market of Lima, unlike last Thursday which was at S/9.94 and S/10.11, respectively.

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) reported in its latest report that the cost of lemon would reach its maximum in the month of September and would decrease in October. In the month of November the price would fall to S/9.40 and in December it would be S/6.58.

Why is the price of lemon falling?

The producer from the San Lorenzo Valley (Piura), Elmer Viera, indicated that the bag of lemon is S/300, when days ago it cost S/500. One of the causes is the entry of this citrus fruit from other countries.

“The lemon shortage continues, but they have lowered the price because lemons from Colombia are entering, what worries us is that, with the fruit, the yellow dragon plague will enter, which would totally affect us producers,” he explained.

Why was there a lemon shortage?

César Santisteban, director of Statistics and Agrarian Information of the MidagriI point out that this year there is less production due to Cyclone Yaku.

“We have a lower lemon production as a result of Cyclone Yaku and that coincides with the season of the year when there is a smaller harvest. So, there is a double impact that causes the price of lemon to have increased significantly,” he explained.

Source: Larepublica

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