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Midagri: they deliver pasture seeds and phytotoldos to peasant families in Huaral

The Ministry of Agriculture (Midagri), through Agro Rural, reported that it delivered 500 kg of barley seeds to peasant families in the district of Santa Cruz de Andamarca, province of Huaral. In addition, it gave another 10 phytotoldos to beneficiaries of the districts of Atavillos Bajo and Pacaraos.

“With this intervention, we plan to ensure the production of pastures and the storage of food for the heads of cattle in low-temperature season and to reinforce the livestock production chains of the beneficiaries belonging to the communities of Santa Cruz, Santa Catalina and San José de Pircas. , in the district of Santa Cruz de Andamarca ”, assured Rogelio Huamani Carbajal, executive director of Agro Rural.

They also indicated that during the next few days will deliver 700 kg more of barley seeds, 1,500 kg of alfalfa seeds and 700 kg of seeds from associated grasses such as dactylis, Italian rye grass, English rye grass, white and red clover. In this way, a total of 3.4 tons of seeds destined for this jurisdiction were granted.


In addition, they revealed that the peasants They will have technical assistance provided by Agro Rural. In this way, there will be a total of 80 hectares of forage, which will allow feeding in a timely manner the heads of cattle and alpacas of 64 families in this jurisdiction.

“Thanks to this intervention, the productivity of milk, fiber, wool and derivatives will also improve, which leads to generating an increase in economic income for beneficiary families, who will also have a greater opportunity to access different local markets,” he said.

This intervention is part of the Pasture and Forage Sowing Campaign 2021-2022, in charge of Agro Rural at the national level, through Budget Program 0121 “Improving the articulation of small agricultural producers to the market.”


Delivery of phytotolds

Huamaní Carbajal mentioned that, at the same time, 10 phytotoldos were delivered which were implemented in the district of Aravillos Bajo and Paracaos in order to allow the production of vegetables and other healthy foods that are difficult to handle due to adverse weather conditions.

Thus, more than 10 families in these localities benefit, that will be able to produce vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, carrot, onion, among others. They also reported that this action is part of the Multisectoral Plan for Frost and Cold 2019-2021 due to the unfavorable events generated by climate change.


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