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Challhuahuacho businessmen worried about the announcement of the stoppage of the mining company Las bambas

The entrepreneurs, businessmen and local associations of the district of Challhuahuacho, Cotabambas province of the Apurimac department published a statement in which they express their concern about the announcement of the stoppages of the mining activity of Las Bambas, since they point out that it harms the commercial and economic activities of the merchants and entrepreneurs of the Challhuahuacho district .

In addition, they indicated that, due to the blockade of the mining corridor (Chumbivilcas – Cusco), commercial and economic activities in the district of Challhuahuacho have been affected. Thus, They invoke the presence of the authorities to intervene and avoid the stoppage as it would cause economic damage in the district of Chalhuahuacho and the national economy of the public and private sector.


“We are aware and understand that the mining company has demands and demands from different sectors and communities involved and neighboring, but that does not entitle them to abruptly paralyze the economy of a district such as Challhuahuacho, which to date puts at risk the livelihood of our families and employees who depend on us, “says the statement.

In addition, made a call for dialogue to the protesters in the province of Chumbivilcas together with the government so that it can help to find a consensus between the mining company and the population that has blocked the mining corridor since it is a detriment to the economy of Challhuahuacho. “This is how basic necessities are increasing every time, so we urge our central government authorities to prioritize this problem, to seek an immediate solution,” they indicate.

Unsuccessful dialogue with the government

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) tried, last Tuesday, to mediate a unsuccessful agreement with the communities from the province of Chumbivilcas to lift the blockade of the Las Bambas mining corridor in that sector.

The minutes of the meeting record that the Chumbivilcas communities are requesting that 5% of the trucks used by Las Bambas are assigned to them to transport copper and 50 more trucks. In addition, they requested maintenance services on their communal lands in terms of cisterns for irrigation, maintenance of micro-pavement and trails. Las Bambas has not agreed with the demand so the blockade continues.

Likewise, the MINEM rejected the attitude of the mining company Las Bambas by refusing to improve the proposal to serve the communities as it had been proposed in the previous coordination meetings. For their part, the communities reaffirmed their decision to demonstrate peacefully and guarantee the transit of all private vehicles and asked to speak with the general manager of the company.


Workers Union

In the same way, the Unique Union of Workers of the Mining Company Las Bambas MMG published another statement in which it also expresses its concern about the announcement of the stoppages of the mining activity of Las Bambas, since they indicate that it puts more than 9,000 workers and their families at risk.

“Our company made known that, due to the continuous blockade, it will be forced to paralyze its production in mid-December, a fact that puts our job and remuneration stability at serious risk,” the statement said.

In this statement they assured that the mining company MMG would be complying with the commitments signed with the communities. However, the Government would not be intervening adequately to solve the conflict, for which the same trade union organization sought to build bridges of dialogue between the Presidency of the Council of Minister, Congress and the communities, but to date they have not been catered.

In this case, the A statement called for the suspension of the measures of force, as these acts indirectly caused the loss of some of his co-workers. In addition, it asks the mining company Las Bambas MMG to achieve a prompt solution to the conflict and the intervention of the Government to achieve dialogue.


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