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Sharp drop in oil should reach Peruvian taps

The latest reference price list of the Osinergmin (published this Monday, December 6) reveals a sharp drop in the value of diesel and other fuels for the Peruvian market. Thus, diesel and gasoline fell between 4.65% and 6.81% per gallon, while diesel and residuals fell by 6.81% and 5.43%, respectively.

For example, Gasohol 84 fell S / 0.41 per gallon, compared to last week. The 90 price dropped S / 0.44 per gallon, so it should drop S / 0.56 including taxes. Meanwhile, that of 95 contracted S / 0.47, and should be reflected in S / 0.60 per gallon with taxes. Finally, those of 97 and 98 fell S / 0.48, with an impact of S / 0.61 per gallon.

The former director of Hydrocarbons Gustavo Navarro said that This reduction is due to the fact that the US released an important part of its crude reserves, in addition to the uncertainty due to the omicron variant of Covid-19, which was feared could paralyze the markets.

In this sense, the specialist noted that the reference price, average of the last ten quotes (counted from Monday to Friday, and, therefore, of the last two weeks), should be reflected from the following week on the taps.

“Osinergmin publishes the reference prices on Mondays, and in the following days, both Repsol and Petroperú, who are the main wholesalers in the market, publish their own list. From now on you could see some change in the seasons, but it will be more evident from next week, “he said.

The fall was also reported by the Peruvian Organization of Consumers and Users (Opecu), which added that refineries, importers and wholesalers must transfer complete and timely price reductions, “in harmony with suitable consumer relations or commercial transactions, as required. establishes the Consumer Protection and Defense Code ”.

General drop for petroleum derivatives

The price of LPG contracted 7.01% per kilo, which will have an impact of S / 0.26, including tax, at the national level; that is, S / 2.60 per balloon.

As to oil industrial, there was a drop from S / 7.18 to S / 6.79 and from S / 7.13 to S / 6.76 per gallonb in residual categories 6 and 500, respectively.


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