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Labor Minister: “The possibility of an increase (in the minimum wage) is not denied”

Labor Minister: “The possibility of an increase (in the minimum wage) is not denied”

The head of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE), Fernando Varela Bohórquez, affirmed that the increase in the minimum vital remuneration (RMV) It remains a possibility, but it should be the result of a technical debate. For this reason, he announced that next week in the Council of Ministers he will present his proposal for the modernization of the RMV, which will then be taken to the National Labor Council (CNT), in order to achieve a consensus between employers and workers.

“We hope that also for the next Council of Ministers we can launch our proposal for the modernization of the minimum vital remuneration, which is an important issue. There is no denying the possibility of an increasebut what we are doing is (generating) the space so that this increase is sponsored by a technical debate, where it is established when we can talk about an increase and what economic aspects we have to take into account to be able to give it,” explained Minister Varela. upon leaving the opening of the Employment Fair, in the district of Breña.

When could the increase take place? The minister said that this process will take between three and four weeks, since it implies discussing the proposal in the Council of Ministers and then in the CNT. He asserted that the issue deserves a discussion and an agreement, since in his opinion it should not be left in the hands of the current ruler, but must respond to technical criteria, as occurs in other countries in the region.

It should be remembered that the CNT was reactivated in July with some issues on the agenda, including proposing technical solutions to raise the RMV. The workers who are represented by union organizations propose an immediate increase to S/1,500, since today it stands at S/1,025; to then begin the discussion of the technical aspects that could be established to raise the amount periodically.

Source: Larepublica

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