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Minimum wage: employers insist that the increase be discussed “technically”

Minimum wage: employers insist that the increase be discussed “technically”

After the president Dina Boluarte stated in his speech for National Holidays that he hopes that an increase in the minimum wage can be announced “soon”, some officials from his government They have indicated that there is no exact date for his execution. Added to this are the recent statements by the president of the Comex Perú business association, Jessica Luna, about the increase in minimum living wage (RMV).

What did Comex Peru say about the increase in the minimum wage?

Regarding the increase in the minimum wage in Peru, the president of Comex Peru, Jessica Luna, told RPP that she is against increasing the amount that currently stands at S/1,025. “Do you think that an SME that is leaving UCI, a formal SME, in Gamarra, which pays its workers a minimum wage with all its rights, can now face a higher minimum wage? Clearly not,” she maintained.

“In the business sector, what we hope is that this is discussed technically and we talk about concrete tools for the entrepreneur,” added the union representative.

How many mypes are there in the country and how much have they increased in recent years?

According to Luna, at the end of 2022 in Peru there were 6.1 million medium and small companies in Peru, which represented an increase of 11.9% compared to 2021.

Despite this, the representative of the business union pointed out that 86.7% of these mypes are informal.

Source: Larepublica

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