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MTPE: Lurawi Peru will generate 4,000 temporary jobs with S/9 million in Huánuco, Pasco and Ucayali

MTPE: Lurawi Peru will generate 4,000 temporary jobs with S/9 million in Huánuco, Pasco and Ucayali

The Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (PETM) reported that it will generate more than 4,000 temporary jobs in 96 districts of Huánuco, Pasco and Ucayali through lurawi peru and thanks to the signing of various agreements to carry out immediate intervention activities in said regions.

According to the ministry, these activities will require a budget from the aforementioned MTPE temporary employment program of about S/9 million for the benefit of the most vulnerable population: single mothers, the elderly, people with disabilities, victims of family violence, among others. .

The districts selected to intervene through Lurawi Peru have been prioritized by the Program within the framework of Law No. 31728, which approves supplementary credits to State entities to finance greater expenses in the reactivation of the family, regional and sectoral economy.

The MTPE indicated that the signing of these agreements was led by the executive director of Lurawi Peru, Jimmy Trujillo, who met with the main authorities of the three regions. 96 district mayors from Huánuco, Pasco and Ucayali participated in the ceremony. Also present were the lieutenant governor of Pasco, Sonia Guillermo Rivera, and the president of the Association of Mayors of Peru, Modesta Elizabeth Yauri.

Supervision of works

Over the weekend, the director of Lurawi Peru verified the closure of two immediate intervention activities in the district of Umari, province of Pachitea, which were financed by the Program with a budget of S/311,933 and generated more than 90 temporary jobs. .

In addition, Jimmy Trujillo supervised the closure of activities in the districts of Luyando and Domingo de Anda, province of Leoncio Prado, financed by the MTPE program with a budget of S/311,901 that generated nearly 100 temporary jobs.

Source: Larepublica

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