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How to access the Mivivienda Credit 2023?  Requirements, bonuses and everything you need to know

How to access the Mivivienda Credit 2023? Requirements, bonuses and everything you need to know

Know the requirements and steps to access the new credit Mivivienda that will allow you to fulfill the dream of having your own home. How much can the state subsidize you with bonds?

  • Mivivienda 2023 offers you a green bond of up to S/31,100 for your home: requirements and how to access it
  • In Lima, 2.5 million people are looking for a home

If you are interested in buying a home or building your own land, but you do not have enough money to pay for it, you should read the following note from The Republic. It turns out that the New MiVivienda Credit has a series of benefits to finance the acquisition of a property whose value is from S/65,200 to S/464,200. Next, take note of all the details so that you can request this mortgage loan, learn about the requirements, terms and more.

What are the requirements to qualify for the New Mivivienda Credit?

People who seek to access this mortgage loan to buy a home, build on their own land and improve the property in which they live, must meet the following requirements:

  • Be of legal age, live in Peru or be a Peruvian residing abroad.
  • To have been qualified as subject to mortgage credit by the financial institution that grants the financial aid.
  • Not be the owner or co-owner of another home in any part of the country. This provision is also addressed to the legally recognized spouse or cohabitant.
  • Both the applicant and their spouse or partner must not have acquired a home financed with resources from the Mivivienda fund, the Techo Propio Program or Fonavi.
  • Have a minimum down payment of 7.5% of the value of the home you are going to buy.
Learn about the requirements to access the new MiVivienda Credit.  Photo: MVCS

Learn about the requirements to access the new MiVivienda Credit. Photo: MVCS

How to apply for the New Mivivienda Credit?

  • To request the New Mivivienda Credit, the interested person must approach one of the financial entities affiliated with the program to be qualified based on their ability to pay and consult about the programmed savings.
  • Then, you must search for the property of interest through the official page, real estate web portals, financial institutions or other certified means.
  • Next, the beneficiary must choose the home and take into account that in projects certified as sustainable, an additional bonus will be granted to the initial one.
  • Finally, once your mortgage loan approval is confirmed, you are ready to own.

New Mivivienda 2023 credit: what bonus will be received?

The Good Payer Bonus is the financial aid granted to beneficiaries who acquire a loan with the new Mi Vivienda Credit that finance real estate from S/65,200 in a payment term of 5 to 25 years.

  • In the case of homes ranging from S/65,200 to S/93,100, the bonus is S/25,700.
  • To buy homes that are sold between S/93,100 to S/139,400, the benefit is S/21,400.
  • Those who acquire a property whose value ranges from S/139,400 to S/232,200, the bonus is S/19,600.
  • In the case of homes whose prices range from S/232,200 to S/343,900, the financial aid is S/10,800.

New Mivivienda Credit 2023: how many families benefited in this 2023?

With the New Mivivienda Credit, 5,056 families benefited between January and May of this year, which represents an economic outlay of more than S/1,000 million. Similarly, the amount of this 2023 is 33% higher than that available during the first five months of the previous one.

Source: Larepublica

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