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Fertilizers: what are the benefits of using organic fertilizers?

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The organic fertilizer refers to any material of animal or plant origin that can be used to provide nutrients and improve soil fertility. When talking about them in terms of production, they are very similar to the synthetic fertilizers in quality, since technology and biotechnology have optimized and minimized the time, costs and quantities required for organic fertilizer crops.

Benefits of organic fertilizers

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Its use allows to ensure the production of healthy and nutritious foodimprove soil quality, preserve the environmentmitigate climate change and sustain farmers’ production”, highlights Martín Valdivia, Master in Management of Sustainable Environmental Projects.

For his part, Francisco Quispe, a member of the Agroecological Agriculture Network (RAAA), indicates that farmers can use synthetic fertilizers and combine them with organic ones to increase their effectiveness. “There is a wide variety of solid and liquid organic fertilizers such as compost, chicken manure, hen manure, bocashi, earthworm humus, biol, hydrolyzed fish waste, among others. In the absence of urea, organic fertilizers will be able to help us face the fertilizer crisis”, he comments.

Meanwhile, the Peruvian Agroecological Consortium (CAP) emphasizes that to the extent that organic fertilizer is used appropriately, the soils that have been severely damaged by the use of chemical fertilizers will gradually be restored. “Although it is true that, initially, production will not be the same, it will improve with the recovery of microorganisms that promote the natural fertility of the soil and increasing productivity,” adds the CAP.

Availability of organic fertilizers

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In the country there are about 20 organic fertilizer companies that they have been producing for agricultural exports from the coast and that they have sufficient installed capacity to supply Peruvian farmers. With State incentive, could produce up to 60,000 metric tons of organic fertilizers dailypoints out the agroecological movement of Peru.

“In our country we have viable, sustainable and cheaper alternatives to face the onslaught of the fertilizer crisis and the government’s frustrated attempts to purchase urea,” says Pilar Vicentelo, activist of the agroecological movement and director of Vida Abundante.

In this sense, and in accordance with the Agricultural Emergency Planadds that “it is urgent to include the Organic Bonus as a tool that contributes to reducing dependence on urea and improving the natural fertility of soils”.

Source: Larepublica

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