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Ayacucho-Cusco Route, new hope for tourism

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Wilder Mucha (39) opened his travel and tourism agency, Waira Tours, and 15 days later he had to close its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With his spirits shaken, he sold the tourist mobility he had purchased to engage in other businesses on a temporary basis.

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“We opened with all the desire to work in the sector, because we like it, it was born to us, to benefit our region, but the pandemic came and hit us very hard. Until now we do not have the vehicle and we cannot acquire another one because the costs are very high, ”the businessman tells La República and adds that his income only reaches 50% of what he registered in 2019.

For his part, Carlos de la Cruz (46), owner of Hospedaje Bellido, points out that in the 20 years that he has had his business, the pandemic was the hardest stage he had to live through.

But not everything was negative, it stands out that it helped to diversify the tourist offer, since before the region was pigeonholed in only visiting it for Easter, carnivals and National Holidays. “Before country routes were unknown, now it is known that Ayacucho is not only Huamanga, but other districts have natural attractions to visit such as the turquoise waters of Millpu,” explains De la Cruz.

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The businessmen affirm that they were unable to access any state credit, they resisted with their savings and carrying out other activities. Both agree that the connection between Ayacucho and Cusco will help boost their reactivation, as it will attract more foreign tourists who usually visit Machu Picchu.

In this way, after more than 30 years it will be possible to get from one city to another in 45 minutes, which by land takes more than 9 hours.

“According to Latam Airlines, 30,000 passengers a year will move on this route. Taking into account that the average cost per tourist is S/500 per day, this will generate S/15 million of daily income for each region”, explained John González, president of the Cusco Chamber of Commerce.

The first domestic flight will depart on November 4 and tickets are already on sale. Local businessmen are also prepared, lodging can cost between S/50 and S/100 per night, while tour packages start at S/299.

Ticket costs S / 80 the section until today

The Ayacucho-Cusco-Ayacucho ticket costs US$20 or S/80 each way until today. Then, its regular price will be US$35 or S/140.

The flights will depart on Monday, Friday and Sunday at the following times: Ayacucho-Cusco: 2:55 pm (departure) | 3:40 pm (arrival) / Cusco-Ayacucho: 1:15 pm (departure) | 2:20 p.m. (arrival).


Wilder Mucha, businessman from Ayacucho

“When the pandemic arrived, we businessmen had to dedicate ourselves to other things, but this new route will benefit all of us who work in the tourism sector.”

John González, president of the Cusco Chamber of Commerce

“We will return to what many years ago was called the central-south tourist corridor, since tourists who went from Lima had to go through Ayacucho first to get to Cusco and vice versa.”

Source: Larepublica

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