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Eco-friendly distribution, the new trend in e-commerce and retail

As a response from companies to provide satisfactory experiences in the face of climate change and after the pandemic, the eco-friendly distribution became the new trend in the retail and e-commerce sector, This was pointed out by Qayarix, last-mile logistics operator.

The eco-friendly cast focuses on delivering, by bicycles and on the same day of purchase, products purchased in retails and e-commerce, and thus generate immediate deliveries without CO2 emissions.

In this way, Qayarix incorporated the startup Mail on Bike, which has done more than 250 thousand eco-friendly deliveries in seven years, which saved 61,228 hours of noise and 276 tons of CO2.


“Mail on Bike will be ours ecological and sustainable link more visible of the chain and will allow us to emphasize the policies of caring for the environment, maintain harmony with society during our distribution and comply with generating new experiences for customers ”, commented the CEO of Qayarix, Giacomo Navach.

The initiative is of great importance for the retail sector which, although in which distribution is already carried out through these vehicles, Mail on Bike is the first multimodal logistics solution to make deliveries on bicycles nationwide, reducing CO2 emissions and reducing traffic and noise pollution.

In addition, it provides a new and better customer experience, since you will have in your hands the option of being able to choose the type of vehicle that you want to arrive for the delivery. Qayarix aims for this distribution modality to represent 20% of its shipments by 2022 both in Lima and in the province and thus contribute to reducing environmental pollution on a large scale.


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