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Wholesale fuel prices rose by up to S/ 24 per gallon this week

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Wholesale prices of the main fuels increased by up to S/ 0.24 per gallon for this week, according to the latest Petroperú report.

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To detail, 97 and 95 octane gasolines led the rise with a rise of S/ 0.24 to S/ 19.74 and S/ 19.60 each including taxes. While in this same group, 90 and 84 octane gasolines did not register variation and are located at S/ 16.94 and S/ 15.01, respectively.

For its part, gasohol of 97 rose S/ 0.22 and stands at S/ 19.71 per gallon, followed by gasohol of 95 which became more expensive by S/ 0.20 and reached S/ 19.57. Meanwhile, gasohol of 90 advanced S/ 0.18 to S/ 18.48 per gallon. The gasohol of 84 did not register variation and continues at S/ 15.02.

Finally, the plant price of diesel for vehicular use remains at S/ 17.15 per gallon. Bottled LPG and bulk LPG also do not vary and remain at S/ 3.17 and S/ 3.2922 kilograms each.

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It is necessary to remember that 84 and 90 octane gasoline, as well as 90 gasohol, diesel for vehicular use, bottled and bulk LPG They are included until December 31 of this year within the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPC).

Source: Larepublica

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