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Repsol: Workers will hold a sit-in to denounce labor abuses

Repsol: Workers will hold a sit-in to denounce labor abuses

The Single Union of La Pampilla Refinery Workers (SUTRELAPA) has announced that this Wednesday, May 31 from 9 am, it will hold a sit-in at the offices of the transnational as a measure of force in the absence of commitment to comply with labor agreements signed by collective agreement.

They are looking for senior company officials to take action on the matter, otherwise they will proceed to demand the intervention of Sunafil and other agencies in charge of monitoring that labor rights are not violated, they said. In addition, they claimed that Repsol made illegal use of temporary contracts with more than 90 workers, especially three women workers.

“There are several points of the list of claims that this company has not fulfilled to date, such as: the annualized shift role that allows the establishment of the positions of each worker, vacations, medical breaks and replacements, among others, to avoid changes arbitrary actions that the company carries out”, they detailed.

The general secretary of SUTRELAPA, Jack Chavarry Agurto, He said that Repsol continues without recognizing the clauses of the collective agreement, referring to eliminating the wage gap, since workers with little or no experience in the refinery enter who earn much more than those who have between 10 and 30 years in this specialty; adequate health and EPS plan that benefits workers, their parents and successors, among other points.

Relapasa: we reject claims about discrimination at work and of any kind

About, La Pampilla Refinery (Relapasa) pointed out that since the beginning of their operations they have “scrupulously” complied with Peruvian labor regulations and, furthermore, as part of Repsol, they subscribe to a Policy on Human Rights and Relations with Communities that ensures the respect for the human rights of all its workers.

“The SUTRELAPA union issues inaccurate information about the situation of two former workers and a worker at the La Pampilla Refinery. None of the three people mentioned have received any discriminatory treatment from the company in any way,” they stated.

Source: Larepublica

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