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Congressmen demand that the Government observe a law that would prevent formulas from not having octagons

Congressmen demand that the Government observe a law that would prevent formulas from not having octagons

A group of legislators have sent a letter to the president of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otárola, to ask you to observe the autograph relapsed in bills 1941 and 3253law that regulates the elaboration and commercialization of foods of special diets for vulnerable populations.

“Several specialists have indicated that the last paragraph of this provision excludes baby milk formulas from the scope of the obligation to carry octagons of critical inputs,” they said.

In this way, they cite article 2 of the aforementioned standard, which contains the following text: The preparation and marketing of foods for special diets is carried out following the provisions of the Codex Alimentarias standards, as well as in the codes of practice, guidelines, guidelines and other sanitary recommendations applicable to said foods, preserving their food quality and safety. The rules that regulate the labeling and advertising of industrial or natural foods that are not strictly foods for special diets are not applicable to them..

And it is the last sentence of the article that has generated controversy by clearly exempting these products from the use of octagons. In addition, they recalled that the Supreme Court ruling of 2021 stated that breast milk substitutes and milk preparations are subject to the healthy eating law.

Roberto Sánchez, Susel Paredes, Sigrid Bazán, Nieves Limachi, Isabel Cortez and Ruth Luque are the congressmen who sign the letter sent this Monday, May 29, to the Council of Ministers with a copy to the head of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Rosa Gutiérrez. It should be noted that the signatory congressmen voted in favor of this rule in plenary, with the exception of Limachi and Sánchez, who were on leave.

“The promulgation of the aforementioned autograph would imply a serious setback for public health; especially for children and adolescents,” they concluded.

Source: Larepublica

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