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FertiAbono will be paid from mid-September

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Hours before the creation of the FertiAbonoPresident Pedro Castillo had already anticipated that this monetary aid will begin to be paid, at the latest, from September 18.

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In this sense, the head of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), Andrés Alencastre, ratified that “all mechanisms” for the delivery of the subsidy will be closed from the 12th to the 18th of this month. After that, Reniec and Osiptel will verify that there is no problem in the register.

Who will it reach and until when can it be charged?

It is estimated that FertiAbono, whose value ranges between S/ 498 and S/ 7,447 depending, will benefit 370,000 producers to stock up on fertilizers due to the rise in prices in the middle of the agricultural season.

It is key to appear in the Register of Agricultural Producers, produce one of the foods prioritized by Midagri and require chemical fertilizers to plant a maximum of ten hectares.

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According to the emergency decree that authorizes it, individual monetary support will be accessible until June 30, 2023. It is worth noting that in the coming days the banking entities that will participate in this process will be detailed.

“We have increased the number of people registered because fertilization did not have to be tied to urea, but had to have a much broader criteria. The urea will arrive in the form of FertiAbono. We are specifying the responsibility. Urea, potassium and phosphorus arrive with the bonus mechanism”, Alencastre noted in dialogue with RPP.

Agricultural workers do not believe in deadlines

From the National Confederation of Boards of Water Users of Peru (Conajup), they point out that the Executive is not telling the truth by guaranteeing that the bonus will be distributed in the next two weeks, and they foresee that this money will only be available in October.

“It is false that it will be distributed in the fortnight of September. Resources will be transferred to agroperu and its administrator Agrobanco will initiate a procedural route that will not be done in two weeks. It is impossible for a schedule to be scheduled, even if they had everything done, to say ‘come the other week to collect’ when the procedures for deposits to accounts are not clarified as in previous bonds, “said Eduardo Contreras, general manager of Conajup, to La Republic.

Likewise, for the registration of beneficiaries, Contreras urges the application of the register of irrigation user boards, since it has more precise information, such as the cadastral units of each farmer and their history of planting intentions, unlike the Register of Agricultural Producers.

“Some producers will say that they have more hectares and plant everything, but this is not always the case. An imbalance in the information can be generated”, he referred.

Inflationary pressure due to fertilizer shortage

The damage to local production with the delays in the bidding of fertilizers is undoubted, to the point that, if its arrival takes place in November -as the Government acknowledged-, it will only meet a very small part of the demand, considers Laureano del Castillo. , executive director of the Peruvian Center for Social Studies (Cepes).

In his opinion, an error of Pedro Castillo’s management has been not to promote or take advantage of organic fertilizers, since before the fertilizer crisis worsened, to face the panorama, considering that our agriculture is deeply dependent on urea.

Del Castillo emphasizes that the lower production, as a result of the fall in cultivated areas, will intensify the inflationary pressure for next year.

“If we have less production, we will have to try to import food. In several European countries they are stopping production due to problems of drought and shortage of electricity. This will also affect production and price increases”, he noted.


New date. According to Minister Alencastre, the bidding contract for the 65,000 tons of urea will be signed no later than September 7.

Range. In the first instance, the bonus for the purchase of fertilizers was only going to reach 48,000 small agricultural producers.

There is no margin of error in the delivery of urea

Del Castillo maintains that, despite the fact that Midagri guarantees that “the storage and distribution mechanisms are already in place”, after signing the contract with the Union Speed ​​firm, it is not clear how the distribution will be carried out since AgroRural does not have the experience that is required in this case.

“Are we going to pay to learn how to distribute again? That has a cost no matter how much it is said that they are preparing, ”she notes.

For the expert, a more appropriate solution would have been the general subsidy of the imported urea that circulates in our market.

Source: Larepublica

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