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Northern regions join forces to boost economic growth

Northern regions join forces to boost economic growth

Trujillo hosted the Ordinary Session of the Commonwealth of the Northeast of Peru, in which the regional governors of Cajamarca, San Martín, Freedom, Lambayeque and other departments. Among the points they addressed were poverty, anemia, paralyzed projects, as well as dealing with dengue.

In this meeting, which took place in the Casa de la Identidad regional de La Libertad, the governor of Lambayeque Jorge Perez was elected as president of the Commonwealth of the North East Macro Region of Peru, who announced the strengthening of this space to achieve competitiveness, formalization, economic growth and social development.

The new president of the Commonwealthexplained that the eight regions represent just over 17% of Peru’s Internal Bruno product.

Referring to the health sector, he recalled that in the pandemic of the Covid-19Peru had the highest fatality rate in the world with 16% when the average percentage was 2%, adding that the same is happening now with dengue with a rate of 0.26% when anywhere in the world reaches 0.14%.

He also referred to the educational component, pointing out that what is really needed is a education for competitiveness and training, for which it is necessary to strengthen technological education.

For his part, César Acuña once again referred to the importance of making the project of the electric train Tumbes-Lima.

He expressed that the GORE La Libertad proposal on the Tumbes-Lima Fast Train is already advanced and that from now on it will be the objective of the 8 regions, which make up the commonwealth. It will have a length of 1,200 kilometers and will benefit more than 12 million Peruvians from Tumbes, Piura, LambayequeLa Libertad, Ancash and Lima provinces.

He indicated that all regional rulers They have promised to work together, as a team, to carry out large and important projects.

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