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Macusani Yellowcake Receives Authorization to Explore Quelcaya Lithium Project

Macusani Yellowcake Receives Authorization to Explore Quelcaya Lithium Project

Ulises Solís, general manager of Macusani Yellowcakereported that the company responsible for operating the Falchani lithium deposit received authorization to explore the Quelcaya lithium project, located in Puno.

During his participation in the International Congress of Prospectors and Explorers – proEXPLO 2023, the executive indicated that the objective is to increase the 4.7 million tons of lithium carbonate that exist as resources at this time.

“I requested this participation to complain to the authorities for the delay in the procedures, but on Friday they notified us of our authorization and approval of our environmental impact statement to carry out exploration activities and expand our resources to the Quelcaya area,” he said. Solis.

To receive the approval of the General Directorate of Mining Environmental Affairs (DGAAM) of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem), Macusani also had the approval of the National Water Authority (Ana) and the Nuclear Institute, among others.

Solís explained that, in parallel, they are preparing the semi-detailed Environmental Impact Study (EIAd) of the Falchani project to bring lithium resources to reserves. Now, with Quelcaya, they expect to exceed 6 million tons of lithium in the province of Carabaya.

“We hope that this environmental impact study will also be approved soon by the authorities,” he added.

Source: Larepublica

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