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Ministry of Labor: what are the 10 professional careers with the highest demand in Peru?

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The Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE) revealed which are the professional and technical careers with the greatest demand in the labor market of Peru. The information was revealed thanks to his most recent Occupational Demand Survey (EDO)held between October 28 and December 15, 2021.

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The study, which collects results at the national level, was applied to representatives of 8,047 formal private companies with 20 or more workers. One of his conclusions is that 12% of permanent jobs require at least the level of university education.

In which university careers are there more jobs in Peru?

The MTPE survey revealed which are the 10 university courses most requested by employers in the working market Peruvian. Review, below, the complete list led by the Administration and Engineering specialties:

  • 1. Administration
  • 2. Industrial Engineering
  • 3. Systems Engineering
  • 4. Business Administration
  • 5. Software Engineering
  • 6. Accounting
  • 7. Computing and Informatics
  • 8. Economy
  • 9. Education
  • 10. Marketing.

Administration and Engineering careers are the most sought after by employers in Peru. Photo: ComexPeru

What are the technical careers with the highest demand in Peru?

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The Ministry of Labor also referred to the technical careers higher level, which require three to five years of study, with greater demand today. The occupation most requested in this segment is that of programmer specialist.

  • 1. Systems Analysis and Data Modeling
  • 2. Administration
  • 3. Automotive Mechanics
  • 4.Industrial Electricity
  • 5. Maintenance Mechanics.

This is the selection of technical careers with medium level (one to two years of study) with better chances of getting a job:

  • 1. Trade
  • 2. Tourist Administration
  • 3. Hotel Administration
  • 4. International Trade
  • 5. Heavy Equipment Maintenance.

The MTPE also revealed which are the occupations with the highest demand in the country. Photo: Marco Cotrina/The Republic

For its part, the most requested position for basic level technicians (one year of study) is employed by sale of bets and game rooms. These are the most requested races in the segment:

  • 1. Spanish administrative assistant
  • 2. Customer sales in store
  • 3. Office automation
  • 4. Operation of computer programs and informatics
  • 5. Kitchen assistance.

Lastly, occupations for workers with level of education less than secondary represents 53% of the labor market. This is the list of most required jobs:

  • 1. Pawns of agricultural and livestock farms
  • 2. Establishment Protection Guards
  • 3. Office, hotel and other cleaners and assistants
  • 4. Tailors, couturiers, seamstresses and hatters.

Source: Larepublica

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