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IBM plans to replace nearly 8,000 human jobs with artificial intelligence, according to its CEO

IBM plans to replace nearly 8,000 human jobs with artificial intelligence, according to its CEO

Before, it was seen as distant for a machine to replace human work, but this measure is already beginning to take shape. And it is that the CEO of IBMone of the tech companies largest in the world, declared that it plans to eliminate about 8,000 jobs and replace them with artificial intelligence.

In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO Arvind Krishna said the multinational hopes to pause hiring for roles that AI could replace in the coming years. This suspension of work aims, for the most part, to administrative functions such as human resources.

The roles, which are not customer-facing, number about 26,000 workers, Krishna said. “I could easily see 30% of that being replaced by AI and automation over a five-year period,” she said.

Today, IBM employs 260,000 workers and continues to hire professionals to perform software development functions and Customer Support. Recall that the company announced job cuts at the beginning of 2023, and, once completed, they can amount to about 5,000 workers.

As Krishna points out, artificial intelligence will take care of the more mechanical tasks, such as facilitating employment verification letters or transferring employees from one department to another. While other tasks, such as the evaluation of productivity or the composition of the workforce, will probably not be replaced in the next decade.

The IBM CEO’s plan marks one of the biggest workforce strategies announced in response to the rapid advancement of technology, in a context where artificial intelligence tools have succeeded in automating customer service.

Jobs endangered by AI

According to a recent study by OpenAI engineers, 50% of the tasks performed in 19% of jobs can already be carried out with artificial intelligence. Below are the 10 jobs most exposed to the impact of AI:

  • mathematicians
  • Accounting managers and auditors
  • financial analysts
  • News analysts, reporters and journalists
  • Legal secretaries and administrative assistants
  • Web and user interface designers
  • translators
  • Demoscopic analysts
  • Public relations
  • Blockchain engineers.

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