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Visa to the United States: fees for tourism and business increased to US$185 from May 1

Visa to the United States: fees for tourism and business increased to US$185 from May 1

Starting this month, the US embassy introduced a series of changes in the procedures to request this document.

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The US Embassy updated the information required to obtain the visa entry to that country. In this regard, he reported that since May Partially completed or incomplete applications for this document will no longer be accepted.

Another of the updates on the tourist visa is the one referring to payments made before September 30, 2022. The United States consular service indicates that the visa application fees, known as MRV, that were paid before September 30 September 2022, must be used before October 1, 2023.

What will happen to those Peruvians who already have paid and scheduled appointments for 2024-2025?

According to information provided on the official website of the Embassy of the United States, from this month some modifications will be carried out that will be applied to the visa application and payments:

  • As of May 1, the consular area will not accept partially filled forms, that is, those who apply for the visa must enter all the required information to be able to schedule their appointments, otherwise, they will be cancelled.
  • The cost of the B1/B2 visa application, corresponding to business and tourism, will increase from US$160 to US$185. Meanwhile, for temporary jobs (H, L, O, P, Q and R), it will increase from US$190 to US$205.
  • The rate for traders and investors (E) will go from US$205 to US$315.

What is the visa?

The visa is the authorization granted by a country to foreign citizens to enter and remain in their country or withdraw. The document is the norm that countries follow to legalize the entry or exit of people who do not have nationality or are in free transit, by bilateral agreements, well-founded and well-defined presence.

Source: Larepublica

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