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How much should I tip if I go to a restaurant in Peru?

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As part of paying for their service to the staff by whom they were treated in a restaurantdiners —in some cases— usually leave an amount of money voluntarily to the waiters, which is called tip.

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Although in our country it is not mandatory as such, it is important to bear in mind that the recommended amount to leave for good service will depend mainly on the client: his economic capacity at that time and how pleasant his experience in the establishment has been.

How much is the recommended tip amount?

Despite being a voluntary compensation for the service received, some of these establishments, when submitting a bill or invoice, include this criterion and attribute 10% of the total consumption made. Against this background, La República spoke with Jorge Carrillo Acostaan expert professor in Finance at the Pacífico Business School, to explain more details about this question.

“The usual thing is to leave 10% of what one pays as the total bill; however, in some restaurants or countries it is usually 15% or 20%. This depends on the will of the client. If one has received first class service, they will leave a tip of more than 10% with pleasure or vice versa. If the service received was not what was expected, the client will not leave a tip, ”he specified.

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Attention received can generate more satisfaction than food. Photo: Quescrem

Is it legal for restaurants to include tips in the bill?

In this sense, Carrillo made a clarification that we must take into account when going to these places: “We must distinguish between the service charge and the tip. The first, in many cases, is included in the final price, but if the receipt also includes the tip, it is a bad practice and one as a customer could go as far as Indecopi to claim for the collection made by said establishment”.

“Luxurious restaurants usually incur in this act, since the clients of these places do not usually check the receipts; however, as the tip is voluntary, when noticing this charge, one can request that they reverse this account and give us a new one, where said amount is not included, ”she added.

What are the differences between service and attention?

There are people who think that tipping is mandatory, others who argue that they should not do it because the service personnel “are doing their job”. Thus, if you consider it appropriate to reward the care provided with money, it is important to take into consideration two fundamental criteria: service and care.

As for the serviceNot only does the person who brings us the food play a crucial role, the conditions in which the establishment is located, how long it takes to bring the order to our table, the presentation of the dish, among others, are also decisive. Therefore, if the experience in the restaurant was not ideal, it is not exactly the responsibility of the waiter.

Now if we talk about the attentionthis aspect does lie clearly in the performance of the waiter and consists mainly in the attitude with which he attends us, since he is the person who will be in contact with us, so he will be a link between the restaurant and the clientele.

Source: Larepublica

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