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SPGL: having LPG in the Stabilization Fund has saved more than 8 million families

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The Peruvian Society of Liquefied Gas (SPGL) considered it necessary to maintain bulk Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG-G) within the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPC), since its inclusion “has reduced the risk of insecurity in more than 8 million families in Peru” .

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The union justified its position by indicating that the inclusion of LPG-G within the FEPC has allowed the reduction of internal smuggling of LPG and the cut of the production of unsafe cylinders, which only harm the integrity of consumers.

He pointed out that said measure has also resulted in a uniformity of prices between LPG-G and LPG destined for packaging (GLP-E), which is also part of the FEPC, causing there to be a single value of LPG.

“Having a single price for LPG (bulk and bottled) considerably reduced the proliferation of illegal companies that put the safety of consumers at risk,” added the union.

Stabilization Fund contains volatility

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Other benefits of the action -points out the SPGL- has been to stabilize the price of the resource, given the unstable behavior of its international values, positively impacting thousands of national households, businesses and taxi drivers that use this resource.

“For these reasons, it is more than necessary to extend the permanence of LPG-G at the bottom. If we withdraw it, we will lose all the positive effects that we have gained and the price of the LPG cylinder could increase”, warned the SPGL.

At the end of June, the Executive extended until September 30 the inclusion of LPG-G in the FEPC, with the aim of avoiding an increase in its value. Said fuel includes LPG destined for gas centers and service stations for dispatch, in accordance with current safety conditions and regulations, such as vehicular LPG for authorized units.

Also part of this group is LPG used by businesses and industries, which have an impact on sectors such as national poultry production and food processes, among others.

Source: Larepublica

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