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There is inequality between Lima and the south to massify natural gas

There is inequality between Lima and the south to massify natural gas

The government is working three ways for the gas massification. It’s about the program FISE, the Con Punche Peru plan and by bill. However, according to the specialist in hydrocarbons issues, Antonio Gamero Márquez, the economic resources assigned to Lima and Callao are too superior to those of the south. Even the northern regions are much larger.

He explained that the government approved that FISE have a total budget of S/722.6 million for residential natural gas, through the BonoGas Program for a total of 205,060 homes.
For Lima and Callao, whose concession is held by Cálida, it will have 154,000 home connections, Ica takes 10,000, in the north, 14,470 connections were assigned to La Libertad, and 6,560 to Piura.

While in the south, Arequipa takes 6,793 bonds (less than half that of La Libertad), Moquegua 890 and Tacna 1,817. It should be noted that in these three regions the concession is administered by PetroPerú.”If we add up, the north will receive 31,560 bonds to cover the cost of the internal installation of the street to the house (S/1,500 soles), while the South only has 9,500 bonds”, claimed Gamero.

In Arequipa, Currently there are 14,724 facilities, of which 9,183 are operational.
In the Con Punche Peru plan, the resources that are being allocated are also unequal between Lima and the rest of the regions, Gamero said.

In Lima and Callao, the cost of installing 20,544 homes will be financedwhile to Piura it will be 9,590, Ancash 11,546, Lambayeque 1,290 and for Arequipa it will reach 1,980 connections.

Source: Larepublica

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