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Annualized inflation to April was 7.97% in Metropolitan Lima, the lowest in 12 months

Annualized inflation to April was 7.97% in Metropolitan Lima, the lowest in 12 months

The annualized inflation advanced 7.97% to April in Metropolitan Limathe lowest in 12 months, after having increased 0.56% in the last month, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI).

The advance for the fourth month of the year is the second highest of the year, only below the result of March, when it rose 1.25%. In January and February, inflation was 0.23% and 0.29%, respectively. The cumulative advance so far this year is 2.35%.

The INEI reported that the monthly result was mainly influenced by the increase in prices in food and non-alcoholic beverages (1.44%), restaurants and hotels (0.77%), health (0.51%) and transport (0.13%).

In the same way, rising prices were registered in miscellaneous goods and services (0.40%), alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics (0.39%), clothing and footwear (0.30%), furniture, household items and ordinary household maintenance (0.24%), recreation and culture (0.15%), education (0.09%) and communications (0.02%).

On the contrary, the prices of accommodation, water, electricity, gas and other fuels (-0.29%).

In detail, the price increase in the division food and non-alcoholic beverages It is explained by the increase in other food products (4.1%) such as coriander (27.2%), ground rocoto chili pepper (18.0%) and hydrated dressings (6.3%); also, fish and shellfish (3.9%) such as mullet (13.5%), parakeet (12.3%); milk, cheese and eggs (2.4%). There, price growth was reported for chicken eggs (5.6%) and fresh cow cheese (2.5%).

Similarly, meat prices rose (1.4%), such as chicken cuts: wings (3.7%), leg (2.1%), breast (1.4%), eviscerated chicken (2 .2%), chicken giblets (2.2%), pork chop (1.9%), meat for beef stew (1.6%), eviscerated chicken (1.5%), Milanese (1, 5%), beef steak (1.3%) and ground beef (1.1%).

In transportthe prices of interprovincial bus tickets (5.1%) and passenger transport by air (3.4%), such as national (8.9%) and international airfare (1.9%), rose.

Source: Larepublica

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