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Family Housing Bonus rises to S/64,968 for heirs of deceased police officers and soldiers

Family Housing Bonus rises to S/64,968 for heirs of deceased police officers and soldiers

The policemen and military Those who have suffered serious injuries in the performance of their duties, as well as the legal heirs of deceased military personnel, will benefit from a greater Family Housing Bonus (BFH) granted by the Government for the acquisition of a home or its construction on their own site. , through the program own roofwhich manages the MiVivienda Fund.

In detail, the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS) provided that an additional percentage of 25% of the BFH be granted to policemen and soldiers who, as a result of the action of weapons or an act of service, suffer serious injuries. Likewise, for the legal heirs of the fallen troops, the percentage will be 50%. In this way, the BFH rises to S / 64,968.

This would be the value of the new Family Housing Bonus for police and military:

Regular Family Housing Bonus (BFH) BFP with an additional 25% for police and military personnel with serious injuries BFH with an additional 50% for legal heirs of fallen members
Construction on Own Site (CSP) S/29,700 S/37,125 S/44,550
New Home Acquisition (AVN) S/43,312.50 S/54,140,625 S/64,968

according to MVCSthese changes occur for the modalities of Construction on Own Site (CSP) and New Home Acquisition (AVN) and are intended to facilitate the acquisition or construction of a property for members of the Peruvian National Police and the Armed Forces who suffered serious injuries while performing their services.

In addition, they specify that the benefit will be greater for the legal heirs of the effective police and military deceased in action by arms or act of service, in a way to somehow compensate the damage caused in the events where they intervened and not leave their families helpless.

The conditions indicated in both cases must be accredited with the presentation of the documentation issued by the institution to which the beneficiary belongs.

It’s important pointing that the Family Housing Bonus is given only once as an incentive and complement to your savings, and your construction effort.

Source: Larepublica

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