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Dina Boluarte: “Strikes are not the solution at all”

Dina Boluarte: “Strikes are not the solution at all”

The president rejects that the Piura authorities exercise the protest in the absence of concrete actions after the climate emergency.

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This April 18, the municipal authorities of Piura will abide by a strike, in response to popular outcry, to demand solutions from the Government of Dina Boluarte after the ravages of the climate emergency in the north.

In this regard, Boluarte assures that the protests will not lead to any path. “Strikes are not the solution for absolutely nothing. We have the experience of the south, which brought poverty, underdevelopment and social programs were not attended to,” he told the press.

However, the mayor of Piura, Gabriel Madrid, ratified that they will undertake the strike having the support of the citizens since “there is total abandonment by the central government.”

“This is not about Mrs. Boluarte, at the time it belonged to Kuczynski, Vizcarra and Castillo. It is the system that has abandoned the Piura region“, according to statements collected by El Tiempo.

Source: Larepublica

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