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Adex: agro-exports exceeded US $ 5.8 billion between January and September

The Exporters Association (Adex) reported that, between the months of January and September 2021, traditional and non-traditional agricultural exports from Peru totaled US $ 5,804 million, an increase of 19.7% compared to the same period in 2020, when US $ 4,845 million were registered.

Traditional agricultural exports (US $ 404 million 790 thousand) fell 1.6% in these nine months of the year. This behavior dates from 2012, as a result of the appearance of rust that affected the production and shipments of coffee (the main product of the sector), which have not been able to recover.

Coffee, with US $ 350 million 153 thousand, fell -3%; the other cane sugars in solid state, with US $ 26 million 572 thousand (-16.6%); and other cane sugars with US $ 5,042,000 (-1.6%). The ranking was led by the US with US $ 105 million 760 thousand (-11.2%), followed by Germany (US $ 68 million 344 thousand), Colombia, Belgium and Canada.

Non-traditional agro-exports totaled US $ 5.4 billion, and achieved an increase of 21.8%. Its most outstanding item was avocado (US $ 1,053 million 772 thousand), whose participation was 19.5%, followed by blueberry (US $ 608 million 061 thousand) and grapes (US $ 528 million 353 thousand).

Those with the highest growth in the top 20 were avocados (41.1%), blueberries (40.4%), the other preparations used to feed animals (29.6%), pomegranates (28.4%). ) and canned bell pepper (27.4%).

Dispatches reached 133 countries, the first being the US (US $ 1,742 million 513 thousand) with an increase of 17.2%. The Netherlands followed with US $ 935 million 676 thousand (22.8%). The top five were completed by Spain (US $ 386 million 204 thousand), Chile (US $ 278 million 585 thousand) and the United Kingdom (US $ 231 million 498 thousand).

“It should be noted that, although the figures are good and the interest of international buyers in the national supply is clear, there is great concern among Peruvian exporters due to the increase in maritime freight, whose prices increased greatly ( in some they increased fivefold), ”Adex reported.

The data

  • Avocado was the main product of total agro-exports, with a 18.1% share of agro-exportable shipments.
  • Adex has requested, in writing, to participate as an active member of the second agrarian reform before the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), in order to strengthen the scheme of a sustainable family agriculture.


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