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More than 90% of taps in the capital have already adapted to the fuel reduction

More than 90% of taps in the capital have already adapted to the fuel reduction

This month ends the period granted by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) for all taps in Peru to adapt their retail offer to the sale of only two gasoholes and gasoline, Premium and Regular, after the wholesale sale ended in February.

As recalled, the standard implemented years ago to reduce the number of fuels at service stations -which places the country in line with other markets in the region- includes an exception for the 84 octane variety, which will continue to be sold until December 2023 (June 2024 in some regions).

The president of the Association of Taps and Service Stations of Peru (Agesp), Edwin Pinedo, assured for La República that more than 90% of the establishments in Lima and Callao have already completed the work to adapt their boards, and that they will be able to continue with the schedule established by the authority without any problem.

“We only had to do some documentation, since the competent authorities have given us the necessary guidelines. We are ready and prepared to start with this new operation”, he remarked.

In the case of the province, the representative of the private sector stated that the adequacy exceeds 90% in most regions, where the work of the taps basically involves changing boards and redistributing the location of tanks and meters, in addition to the documentary issue. .

The Republic toured several taps in the city and was able to see how most of the taps in Petroperu and Repsol they had already complied with the change of electronic boards. On the contrary, smaller chain taps were still listed with the still labeled 90 and 95 octane equivalent gasohol.

prices down

Before, the authority had given a white march so that the new fuels could be sold according to their equivalence with the previous denomination: Premium for gasolines and gasoholes of 95 and 97 and Regular for gasoline and gasoholes of 84 and 90. According to official figures, some 50,000 barrels of gasoholes are consumed every day in our country.

Pinedo insisted that this measure benefits the logistics chain and will allow leveraging consumer prices, and ruled out that the change could affect vehicle engines.


Rules. Loreto, Amazonas, San Martín and Madre de Dios will sell 84 until 6/30/2024.

Engines. The Automotive Association of Peru (AAP) expect fuel quality to improve with this change.

Source: Larepublica

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