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MEF raises the economic growth projection to 13% for 2021

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Francke, reassessed upward Peru’s economic growth expectations for this year and placed them at 13%, higher than the 12.5% ​​reported in its latest projection.

During the ceremony for the delivery of the first 1,508 proportional pensions at the Social Security Normalization Office (ONP), the head of the MEF reiterated that, thanks to the reactivation of different sectors, the economy is

“We are calculating the projected economic growth for this year at 13%, which is quite a positive figure. The latest data show that the economy is in blue 3% above prior to the pandemic, and we have been growing in an interesting way, “he said.

It also argued that the president’s management Pedro Castillo It will continue to redouble its efforts to recover the employment figures, as well as to alleviate the health gap in this post-vaccination period in the country.

The pandemic has still hit us and we have a deficit in health and employment services, which we are determined to recover with various reactivation measures.”Said the minister.

Finally, Francke Ballvé mentioned the request submitted by the Executive to the Congress of the Republic to grant it powers in tax matters, aimed at a collection that guarantees public spending and in line with the international framework.

“These days we have to approve the 2022 Budget in Congress, and we are promoting this request for powers in tax reform that will be very important to consolidate private and public investment, as well as have an important growth path for the next few years” , he stressed.

MEF: growth in line with the BCRP

A few days ago, the president of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP), Julio VelardeHe argued that the Peruvian economy would grow 13.2% this year if the production rate observed until August is maintained.

Said calculation by Velarde would exceed by 1.3 percentage points the 11.9% estimated by the issuing entity in its latest inflation report.

“Such a strong monetary and fiscal stimulus package was applied that we are enjoying it now. It is not just a rebound, it is a consequence of the political actions that were taken, “he explained in a forum organized by the School of Public Management of the Universidad del Pacífico.


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