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Michiquillay and Tantahuatay would allow 50% more national copper production

Michiquillay and Tantahuatay would allow 50% more national copper production

The development of the projects michiquillaybelonging to Southern Peru, and tantahuatay, a partner with Buenaventura, would allow for 50% more copper production nationwide. Both are located in Cajamarca.

This was stated by Raúl Jacob, CFO of Southern Peru, during his presentation at the virtual event Rumbo a Perumin “Northern Macroregion: Tumbes, Cajamarca, Piura, La Libertad and Lambayeque – competitiveness and sustainability, everyone’s task”.

“It would be a total of 1 million 200,000 tons of fine copper that would be produced annually if the mentioned projects were developed. It is important to highlight that in the regions where there is mining, resources will be generated; however, it depends on the actors that converge in it, to manage them adequately”, indicated Jacob.

With an investment of US$2,500 million for the case of Michiquillay, US$194 million for Tantahuatay, and the synergy between the state, unions and civil society, it will allow for a significant economic injection for the region. This, in order to continue generating development for the Peruvian population.

On the other hand, Jacob highlighted that, in the regions where there are mining operations, the statistical indices in the education sector are in the first places at the national level.

“The case of Moquegua and Tacna are quite relevant. These regions are in first and second place in the areas of mathematical logic, that is, mathematical reasoning, algebra, geometry, among others, due to the quality of education that students receive in the mining camps. That is, without a doubt, a great contribution to the country and allows us to continue improving education at the national level”, concluded Jacob.

Source: Larepublica

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