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Dollar in Peru: exchange rate rose and closed at S / 4,008 this November 17

The price of the dollar closed down and stood at S / 4.0080 in the operations of the Wednesday 17 November. The greenback started the day at S / 3,998 as reported by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP), which directly sold US $ 70 million.

The safe haven currency appreciated 0.25%, compared to the session of Tuesday, November 16, when it reached S / 3.9980. So the greenback returned to the threshold of S / 4.00, from which it came out on Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the purchase in the parallel market was located at S / 4.00 and the sale at S / 4.03. As for the price of the interbank dollar, it is situated in the purchase S / 4,005 and the sale S / 4,019.

This occurs after the president of the BCRP, Julio Velarde, indicated during his presentation at CADE Executives 2021, that the inflation It will continue to affect Peruvians until the first or second quarter of 2022. Therefore, it will be one of the most important challenges for the Government “for a good part of next year”, in what it considered an international phenomenon “not so difficult to control.” .

“The highest inflation has been in food and energy and it hurts the poorest, but it responds to external factors. Even if the BCRP raises the interest rate to 500%, the price of oil is not going to fall ”, he explained.

Added to this was the announcement by the president of Congress, María del Carmen Alva, that the Legislative candidates to occupy the board of the BCRP are Inés Choy, Diego Macera and Carlos Oliva.

On the international scene, the dollar fell from a new 16-month high, while the euro remained on the defensive as investors weighed the odds of a tightening of the central bank amid mounting price pressures, with the Federal Reserve of US promotion rates since mid-2022.

The dollar index, which measures the currency against a basket of six rivals, fell 0.034% to 95.91 after hitting 96.266 for the first time since mid-July 2020.

Meanwhile, Wall Street banks have begun publishing their late 2022 forecasts for the dollar.

Thus, Barclays expects a modest depreciation of the safe haven currency over the next year. While Morgan Stanley predicts a bullish and bearish profile for the greenback. For its part, Goldman Sachs also expects a decline in the currency. Finally, JP Morgan “the divergence of monetary policy continues to be an issue for some pairs.


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