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Indecopi: new president Karin Cáceres Durango demands the departure of 40 senior officials

Indecopi: new president Karin Cáceres Durango demands the departure of 40 senior officials

Follow the movements indecopi. After the assumption of the former secretary of Alberto Otárola, Karin Cáceres Durango, replacing Julián Palacín, it was learned that the new administration of the regulatory body requested this Monday the 20th the resignation of more than 40 senior officials, including directors and secretaries technicians.

To support her decision, the lawyer announced that her management will be characterized by the “efficient use of public resources” and the application of processes within the framework of current legal regulations, even though the latter was not applied for her appointment to the position. .

“In this way, the services and products offered to citizens will have the guarantee of a management carried out under government control, with a preventive approach in the fight against corruption and functional misconduct,” said Cáceres, in a statement, hours after knowing the purge.

In response, the outgoing Julián Palacín asserted on his social networks that, during his tenure, no director or career specialist was changed. On the contrary, he assured, his work was enhanced “providing them with resources for their functions and prioritizing the regions of the country.”

“From the first day, we knew that they are the basis of Indecopi’s technicality (…) I did respect meritocracy, the Directors and Heads at the national level (ORIs), they know it very well,” he said on Twitter.

The PUCP Economics professor, José Távara, went further and considered that the State has once again taken as “loot” the institutions responsible for managing the proper functioning of the public apparatus, as is the case of the consumer Defense.

“With the aggravating circumstance of usurpation of functions. The responsibility of appointing senior officials is a function of the Board of Directors (DL 1033, art.5), not of the Indecopi presidency. Contrary to what is recommended by the OECD,” he snapped.

Source: Larepublica

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