The voices of solidarity and rejection of attacks on journalists by several well-known media outlets on Monday, March 20 are getting louder. The Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce and the Ecuadorian Business Board made the announcement through statements.

The Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil said what happened was revealing “worrying level of violence” and the Ecuadorian Business Committee He “resolutely condemned all acts of violence”.

On Monday morning, it became known that it was journalist from ecuavisa Lenin Artieda suffered an attack after inserting a flash drive on a computer that arrived on the channel last week in an envelope that exploded.

It is learned that last week journalists from other media, Teleamazonas, TC Television, as well as the radio EXA FM and journalist Carlos Vera too they received an envelope with the same characteristics.

The Chamber of Commerce noted this in the letter “rejects this and any mechanism of violence that attempts to impose censorship, fear of reporting what is illegal, intimidate freedom of expression and weaken the democratic order.”

And added that it is “Those responsible must be found and subjected to the weight of justice,” In addition, the state “must guarantee the safety of citizens and every function of the state must urgently address these fundamental issues for the benefit of citizens.”

The statement of the Ecuadorian Business Committee was given in the same tone as the statement of the Chamber. “We express our solidarity with all journalists that on Monday, March 20, 2023, they were direct victims of attacks that threatened their integrity,” they stated.

As well as the Chamber The committee also called for an investigation and punishment of those responsible. “In the production sector, we support the development of journalism and will always defend freedom of expression,” they said.

Five attacks targeting journalists are already under investigation by the State Attorney’s Office for the criminal offense of terrorism.