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Fuels: reference prices fell to S/0.46 per gallon this week

Fuels: reference prices fell to S/0.46 per gallon this week

The reference prices of the main fuels recorded this week a decline of up to S/0.46 per gallon according to the latest report from the osinergmin.

Premium gasohol, which replaces 95 and 97 octane gasohol, fell by S/0.17 and reached S/10.02 a gallon. While regular gasohol, which replaces 90 gasohol, also fell by S/0.17 to S/9.66. Gasohol of 84 reached S/8.90, after lowering S/0.23 per gallon.

For its part, premium gasoline fell by S/0.19 to S/10.03 a gallon. Regular gasoline dropped S/0.18 and reached S/9.64 a gallon. Meanwhile, 84 gasoline decreased by S/0.26 and went from S/9.07 to S/8.81 a gallon.

The greatest reduction was registered in low sulfur B5 diesel, which fell by S/0.46 and is trading at S/10.99 a gallon. Bottled LPG or for domestic use also contracted by S/0.17 and reached S/2.24 per kilogram.

Regular and premium fuels

The wholesale producers and distributors, as well as taps and fuel sales establishments in our country, have a term of 60 and 120 calendar days, respectively —counted from January 1, 2023— to adapt their offer to only two types: regular (91 octane ) and premium (96 octane). Therefore, from May 1, gasoline and gasoholes with octane ratings of 90, 95 and 97 will no longer be marketed.

Source: Larepublica

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