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An electric car spends 9 soles on a journey of 150 kilometers

The use of electric vehicles represents an advantage for users due to saving money, less air pollution and reduced noise pollution. According to the manager of the South West Electric Society (SEAL), Paul Rodríguez Ochoa, travel 150 kilometers (an approximate distance from Arequipa to Mollendo) in an electric vehicle could be covered with an expense of S/ 9.

In a car that runs on gasoline, the same journey is done at an expense of approximately S/ 50, according to some drivers. This in a sedan car.

However, electromobility in the country is still in its infancy. Seal wants to push her forward and he’s jumping right into that action. The manager affirmed that at this moment there are some points that slow down the use of electric vehicles: due to the availability of the units, because they are expensive or because there are no charging points.

Rodríguez says that for this reason they will have to make the incentive together with the companies dedicated to the sale of electric vehicles and the Government. It is up to the latter to dictate the regulatory framework to make the entry of these units cheaper.

Electrolineras ready

Last Wednesday, the company installed three electric stations in three shopping centers so that those who have electric vehicles can charge them. They are in the Mall Aventura Porongoche, in it Mall Plaza of cayma and in the mall central promenade in the district of Hunter. In the first, the electric station is fast charging because in half an hour it can give an autonomy of 80%. At these three points, use will be free for the first 6 months.

He Seal’s Chairman of the Board, Jorge del Busto Montenegro, He maintained that his plan is to continue with the installation of electric stations throughout the city and even place one in the province of camaná.

The next point they need to address is demand. The manager Rodríguez pointed out that it is useless to install the charging stations, if there are no vehicles to charge. Therefore, they expect the government to establish the regulatory framework for economic incentives for the acquisition of electric vehicles.

Last Wednesday, the Vice Minister of Electricity, Jaime Luyo Kuong, maintained that the Executive promotes a legislative initiative for this. One option is to give tax incentives to consume electricity for charging the units or a fund for the purchase of vehicles.

With that incentive, the issue of unit pricing which is still high could be addressed. It fluctuates over 30 thousand dollars.

In 2022, 3,500 electric vehicles were imported nationwide, but 90% of them were hybrids and the remaining 10% were fully electric. It is estimated that in Arequipa there are between 30 to 40 of this type.

municipal support

From the provincial commune of Arequipa, there is also the intention to promote electromobility. He Arequipa mayor, Víctor Hugo Rivera Chávez, He told La República that some incentives could be given.

Regarding this issue, the chairman of the board and the manager of Seal explained that they also proposed that electric cars be allowed to perform the taxi service. For this, an exception would have to be made in the municipal ordinance.

In short, they want to attack various fronts so that electric cars can be used more frequently, which would bring more economic and environmental benefits to users and the city.


taxis. Electric cars in Arequipa could not perform taxi. According to the municipal ordinance, taxis must weigh more than 1,000 kilos. However, electric cars due to their fewer parts weigh less than this amount. You should sign up for flexibility.

  Electric car.  SEAL officers and an electrical unit.  Photo: The Republic.

Electric car. SEAL officers and an electrical unit. Photo: The Republic.

Source: Larepublica


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